Young Steve Kent Paving Waves

The Hip Hop wave in South Africa is rapidly growing everyday. The momentum increasing with every underground rapper revealing their talent and the contribution they could make to the industry. And that’s great, right?

“This rap game is overly saturated” Youngsta CPT’s words are a common thought among Hip Hop fanatics whether you make the music or listen to it.

Wack rappers blow up quicker cause bubble gum music sells. Strange thing is this, when listening to it you’re fooled by the chewing and think you’re feeding, only to find that at the end you’re hungrier and have wasted your time being caught up in a sensation.

Trust, I hop to that trap as well but I’d vouch for quality and skill any day. Hip hop music’s core trait is educating- and that’s lacking. Ignorance is not bliss, let’s put the music aside, yeah. How much do you know about the production and broadcasting of music besides the common knowledge that everyone has? As an upcoming artist do you know how to calculate royalties (READ: SAMRO PERFORMING RIGHTS ROYALTY DISTRIBUTION RULES ) just out of interest… Or, do you have an idea of the bylaws put in place for your advantage?…

Minister Nathi Mthethwa launches the Debut Fund Programme for young artists

Or maybe which Government doors to knock on when looking for assistance; do you know the procedures followed? Can you play an instrument or two? (SAHIPHOP247 101)


(As I gather myself) Okay so in it’s essence this blog serves the purpose of documenting the event of an ever increasing industry. Letting you know about those who make waves, and ripples, and celebrating those responsible for making our heads bop. It’s also serves as a tool to educate both King’s and King Maker’s of t

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he opportunities available to both underground and commercial musician’s. Pretty much anything that will make your journey as an artist easier and the SA Hip Hop Enthusiasts will get to know more about the industry. As I inform you I learn as well so feedback is welcome. But most of the time information is from a primary source to insure accuracy. (In terms of the third paragraph the next article will provide answers to those questions and more so 👍🏾👍🏾).

IG: @STV_KNT20589840_1107093156087327_4626521191950057472_n

On a Lighter note though… STV KNT 🤗 “Talk about a put together, Tlean ass Nysing brother, who’s in this for life.”

I got to meet Steve over what I like to call a cyber interview (basically vns over the app). I didn’t know this guy from a bar of soap besides the casual post on Instagram and I must say, I’m impressed. I didn’t know people with killer jaw lines were this nice, they always look so serious… 👀

But besides the Resting B face Steve is truly serious about the music. Started playing with the art of rap at 8 and at 12 he started playing the keyboard. Growing up in a musical family seems to be one of his greatest influences, he started rapping because an older cousin did and he wanted to be as cool as him; and when you have parents who are CD collector’s and your entire family appreciates music you’re obviously inclined to see a lasting future in the industry- and boy will he last.

Pink Floyd – The Dark Side of the Moon

“Left of centre,” that’s what he used to describe his taste in music. With a playlist that isn’t saturated with mainstream influence but rather classics like Pink Floyd and then bands like M83 (Album-Hurry up We’re Dreaming) and City in Color a Canadian “acoustic kinda character.” Frank Ocean is a constant on his playlist old and new and Kendrick Lamar’s latest album DNA 👌🏽. When listening to his latest track Azure Vibrations.

You hear a clear left of centre influence but weirdly it’s pleasurable to the palette accustomed to mainstream music, and that’s what he aims to do – “bring those elements that I think need to be heard from that music and then package them in a way that’s acceptable to the mainstream consumer.”

So he’s an all rounder 🙌🏼 The most renowned artists he’s worked with thus far is 2lee Stark, producing the soundtrack to my life Off Boys and Own It – both tracks are wavy- tlean!

ORDER Steve Kent’s friend Caps:


When he speaks about his music he classifies it as a service, a calling. He’s doing this because enjoys making music that becomes a part of people’s lives, where you find yourself in his music, grow through it, find joy in it. He thrives off the connections made through the music because he’s human too, and “we’re social beings.” If he had to serve in any other way he says it would be through education or being a social worker. He’s a giver- The South African music industry needs to get ready to receive.



He’s only at age 22 and he’s doing the damn thing and this is like a preview- the movie hasn’t even started yet! 🤔 Me thinks you are unable to sleep on this.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Article By @ZuluPetals



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