Become C.E.O. Of Your Dreams By @jabulani_cindi

With the ever changing financial climate in a fast developing country like South Africa, it’s important to make sure your paperwork is right and you own as much as you can as soon as you can. In other words, if money makes the world go round, keep your receipts.


S.E.A. (South East African) is a project that chronicles the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur starting your own business, like registering at CIPC, which costs about R50 for name reservation, R125 for the actual business certificate, a business account costs R2000, tax clearance is free at SARS and you can get assistance with your BEE certificate via

S.E.A. (South East African) project was inspired by the ever constant struggle of juggling, everyday responsibilities of a young adult and aspiring artist in South Africa, starting your own business that could potentially end the unemployment cycle in your family and community while creating the most authentic, contemporary Hiphop Album from eMlazi as possible.

Statistics SA shows that their has been an increase in the GDP in 2017 basically meaning, more countries are buying products we make.

Despite the ever threatening recession, more South African hip hop artists are going platinum, more South African content is being streamed online, more people buying South African Merchandise incl: fashion, literature, tech, cosmetics and more people going to concerts to support their local artists.

All this means that now, RIGHT NOW is the best time to be an African entrepreneur. Our African cousins, like Nigeria, are racking it in, in the entertainment and tech industries and South Africa is slowly but surely catching up.


This piece of music was inspired by all this potential bubbling in the township communities, this tech has empowered all of us and it’s up to us to use it to better our lives. Whether it’s music, forex trading, fashion, bitcoin mining or film, it’s up to us to continue supporting locally produced product and to help ourselves to all this opportunity and to shape our OWN path into the future and I hope that this project is the sound track to that.

S.E.A. (South East African) Short Film Trailer

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