Celebrating Black Excellence By @jabulani_cindi


When artist/entrepreneur Mhligo (Operations Manager at Freshbox.co.za) joined forces with Benjamin Constable (C.E.O. Of Freshbox.co.za), 1 of the greatest business models we’ve heard of in a minute, was created.


Freshbox.co.za is pure genius. When an idea can inspire a healthier, easier way to a lifestyle delivered right to your door step? Who wouldn’t be interested.

It’s like this… You get a box of fruit delivered to you for a subscription fee of R539/month and a once of payment of R99 for your handmade box which you’ll use for your deliveries & pick ups. And for every box/subscription 3 children get fed through the hungry 100 initiative that is part of your subscription.


Not only is Mhligo a well know Durban Hiphop Artist he’s also an ambitious entrepreneur that, if successful, can change the business practices of most well known enterprises and also help solve the hunger crisis accuring worldwide. If he’s able to make an impact and hack the social environment and affect people in such a way that they can help a proudly South African business become a success but also make a humanitarian impact to the communities affected by mall nutrition and hunger.

The Freshbox initiative is one that we hope will become contagious and become a leading trend in larger company business practices in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa and the world.





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